Tucson mother opts for fully online learning this fall

Local parents not sending kids back to classrooms

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - School districts are preparing for a school year much different than any other due to COVID-19. One local parent shares why she has decided to not send her children back to the physical classroom this fall.

"I have two high risk children, one has Type 1 Diabetes and one is asthmatic," said mother of four Shawna Henderson.

Her children range in age from nine to 16 years old. Concerns over her daughter's health motivated her family to choose fully online learning this fall.

"When I talked to my daughter's doctor last month, she recommended looking into a virtual platform," Henderson said. "At that point I thought, what is the point of keeping her in a bubble and sending everyone else to school it doesn't really make sense."

She also didn't want to risk her other kids getting sick or being asymptomatic and bringing COVID-19 home with them.

“I realize I am more hypersensitive than most families but we just don’t know,” Henderson said. “We don’t know how my daughter would be effected.”

As COVID-19 cases have climbed in Arizona, she feels even more confident in her decision to avoid in-person classes.

"I worry about teachers, how are they feeling going back into the classroom?" she said. "When people go in to teaching, its because they love it, they love it and their students, I just think it's really unfair for us to ask them to risk their lives right now."

Many parents feel comfortable sending their kids back to school and local school districts are coming up with their plans to keep kids safe. Amphitheater Public Schools, for example, said it will slightly delay the start date and in the beginning, students will learn remotely. While the districts are making their plans now, they are also ready to make changes at any time, if necessary.

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