Tucson nonprofit that gives pajamas to children needs help finding donations during pandemic

Non profit pajama project amid pandemic

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It doesn’t take much to help someone out. It just takes a little bit of kindness, at least that’s what the directors of Angel Heart Pajamas say.

“To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, beautiful or rich,” Stacie Emert, the president of Angel Heart Pajamas, said.

That’s the mission behind Angel Pajama Project, a local non-profit Graciela Lopez, an 85-year-old Cuban refugee, and her two daughters started in 2013.

“Prior to her [Lopez] passing she decided with the little money she had left she wanted to start this project and gift back to children what her two daughters had received,” Patti Lopez, director of Angel Heart Pajamas, said.

When Graciela Lopez arrived in America, she worked in a pajama factory to help pay for her daughters’ college education.

“Right before nana passed away she had showed us how to fold the pajamas and what she wanted,” Patti Lopez said.

After seven years, the nonprofit supplied tens of thousands of pajamas, books and pillows to kids in need. But, Lopez and Emert said, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the organization needs extra help.

“We used to have lots and lots of people show up for folding. We fold the pajamas for each child put a ribbon around them with a book and a pillow. Now were not allowed to have a lot of people with us,” Patti Lopez said.

Angel Heart Pajamas relies on local business and churches holding pajama and book drives for donations. But, since many are closed or not holding donation drives they need the community’s help.

“We’ve seen a very big decrease in our monetary donations…there are more and more children in need right now and we want to be able to serve 100 percent of those that are needy,” Patti Lopez said.

Both said most of the children they help are in foster care, shelters or are in the hospital dealing with situations out of their control.

“What’s the first thing you do when you get home, you put on your jammies right? You cuddle up with a book those are the types of things were trying to emulate for our families,” Emert said.

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