Three inmates at Pima County Adult Detention Complex test positive for COVID-19 in one month

Three inmates at Pima County Adult Detention Complex test positive for COVID-19 in one month
This is the door to a prison cell (Source: KFVS)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Three inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Pima County Adult Detention Complex over the past month.

Dep. James Allerton from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department released the following statement:

“I do not have information about an inmate with a positive test. As of this morning, we do not.

“But three inmates at the Pima County Adult Detention Complex have tested positive for COVID-19. All three tested positive prior to being brought to our facility and were placed into quarantine.

“We believe that our successes in keeping the virus away from our inmate population has been due, in great part, to the protocols that we set in place to deal with the health concerns, fairly early in the life of the ‘crisis.'

“It may be worth highlighting how implementing these protocols have contributed to a zero infection rate of our inmates, compared to clusters that have occurred in other facilities and jurisdictions.

"The protocols we are following were established through the guidance of the Pima County Public Health Department, the CDC, and our staff medical advisor, former Surgeon General of the United States Dr. Richard Carmona.

“At the Pima County Adult Detention Center, health screenings of arrestees being booked began February 1 to help prevent the introduction of COVID-19 to the population. Some of the safety protocols we have introduced at the jail are:

  • New inmates are kept separate from the rest of the population for fourteen days to ensure they are not infected.
  • Any inmate with possible symptoms are quarantined until they can be tested.
  • Anyone coming into the facility is temperature screened and any employees with symptoms are placed on immediate leave.
  • All personnel inside of the jail, including inmates, have been required to wear masks.

“We are have also worked closely with system stakeholders to reduce jail population to provide us additional space to separate infected and/or symptomatic inmates from general population. This was a system wide effort which we reduced our jail population from close to 1,900 inmates in February to today’s inmate population of (current Number, 1449 today (7/21).”

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