Remote watering sensor helps save bighorn sheep near Yuma

But it took more than tech to rescue the flock

Remote watering sensor helps save bighorn sheep near Yuma
Bighorn sheep in the Chocolate Mountains near Yuma (Source: Arizona Game And Fish)

YUMA, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - When the water went dry in the Chocolate Mountains, Arizona Game and Fish workers got the call -- not from 911, but from a device that monitors water levels for wildlife.

AZGFD said the alert went out in July, indicating that a wildlife water catchment was empty. Those sensors were developed and installed by the United States Army to deliver remote notifications of significant water loss.

Game and Fish said one of their teams walked nearly two miles in steep terrain to get to the empty water source, where 15 bighorn sheep were standing nearby. The team discovered a broken pipe and turned on a backup system.

Without the system, AZGFD said it would not have found the problem for weeks, leading to the death of the sheep and other wild animals.

The Army has developed and installed four remote sensors on its Yuma Proving Grounds, where AZGFD manages several water catchments.

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