College students pay it forward with free tutoring during pandemic

Updated: Aug. 3, 2020 at 10:43 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Three former University High School students have teamed up to start a free tutoring service during COVID-19.

Angela Sun, Madeleine Zheng, and Mae Zhang are a part of a group called "Cov Tutors" where students offer up free tutoring on all different subjects.

One-on-one virtual tutoring sessions are provided to each student one to three times a week for one to two hours per session. The service is meant to supplement and prepare students for their courses before and during the coming school year. Although many of our tutors will be available only for the remainder of the summer, we also have many tutors who are willing to support your child through the entire 2020-2021 school semester. Check out our Facebook page, COV Tutors, to meet all of them! Keep in mind, however, that the page is still in-the-works and many elements have yet to be added.

Subject offerings:

1. Basic math

2. Algebra II

3. Geometry

4. Middle school science

5. Calculus (high school, non AP/IB)

6. AP Calculus

7. Statistics (high school, non AP/IB)

8. AP Statistics

9. Biology (high school, non AP/IB)

10. AP Biology

11. Chemistry (high school, non AP/IB)

12. AP Chemistry

13. Physics (high school, non AP/IB)

14. Economics (high school, non AP/IB)

15. AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics

16. Computer science (high school, non AP/IB)

17. AP Computer Science

19. College essay writing

However, please note that spots for AP subjects and for students younger than middle school age are more limited.

“It takes that burden away from the parent especially because they have to work and right now it’s kind of a financially stressful time as well,” said Zheng, who attends Arizona State University.

Their first round of registration started small in July with five students signed up the day they launched. Then, the demand piled up.

"The very next day numbers doubled," said Sun.

For every two students there is one tutor and they meet via zoom and go over homework, lessons, and lecture style sessions.

"We would go through the presentation kind of as you would in a classroom setting," said Sun who attends University of Pennsylvania.

And with students staying home, the demand for their service is growing.

"It made us realize how much parents need something like this," said Sun.

So much that they had to close their summer registration. But they hope to have more spots for the fall, and have started a wait list in the meantime.

“We’re going to expand and have a wait list for tutors and have a wave for more registration and open it up,” said Zhang who attends Carnegie Mellon University.

To join the wait list email: containing the following information:

1. Student name

2. Student grade level

3. Parent/guardian name

4. Main method of contact (email only)

5. The subject you are interested in (see list below). Please choose only one.

6. Desired period of tutoring (summer, summer + fall, or summer + fall + spring)

7. Number of sessions per week desired (maximum of 3)

8. Times of the week that the student will be available

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