Tucson family seeks millions after man dies in police custody

Lopez TPD notice of claim

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Family members of a Tucson man who died in police custody are seeking millions of dollars in suffering and damages.

On Tuesday, Aug., lawyers filed a “Notice of Claim” under the Arizona Wrongful Death Act in the Carlos “Adrian” Ingram-Lopez case, giving the city of Tucson 60 days to settle or be sued.

This 12 page document outlines the reasons attorneys say the Tucson Police Department is responsible for Ingram-Lopez’s death and it lists their demands.

Since Arizona does not recognize common-law spouses, Schmidt, Sethi & Akajian Attorneys and Kuykendall Associates are representing Ingram-Lopez’s estate and his 2-year-old daughter.

“[Sophie Ingram] continues to say [her father’s] name, continues to say goodbye to him even though he’s not in the house,” said Greg Kuykendall. “What we are saying is that the Tucson Police Department; through its negligence, through its recklessness, though its violence and not following proper procedure and training, they killed “Adrian” Ingram-Lopez and they shouldn’t have.”

On April 21, three officers were dispatched to an “unknown trouble” call that ended in the 27-year-old’s death.

Body camera video shows Ingram-Lopez in a state of excited delirium.

“Rather than treating him medically, what they did was immediately shove him to the ground, put handcuffs on him and then sat on his back. They effectively suffocated him,” Kuykendall said.

Tuesday afternoon, Tucson police Chief Chris Magnus said a review board; made up of “diverse members of the community,” is looking into the case.

“When that process is complete and they issue their recommendations and findings, I’ll be happy to speak on those matters again,” he said.

Kuykendall says it’s extraordinarily difficult to put a number on a person’s life.

“The only thing that can properly compensate under our judicial system is money,” said Kuykendall. “That’s why we have demanded $19 million. The Mayor and Council have all come out and said this is wrong, things are going to change, the Tucson police chief has said things are going to change. This gives them a chance to actually put their money where their mouth is.”

The city of Tucson said it cannot comment on claims or litigation.

Kuykendall told KOLD News 13 he is hopeful the City will settle, adding there must be “serious reconstruction within TPD.”

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