They may look adorable and helpless, but experts want you to “leave baby animals alone!”

Arizona Game and Fish reports second fawn in a week taken from the wild

Arizona Game and Fish reports second fawn in a week taken from the wild

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -

They’re adorable, alone, and seemingly helpless. Who wouldn’t want to help a baby animal? But experts say, they don’t need your help.

In the last week, we’ve had two cases of people whose hearts were in the right place - doing more harm than good.

One fawn is now headed to a new home, far from its mother. Someone who meant well - ended up disrupting nature.

“People either think they’re abandoned because they’re alone, or sick - but regardless, it’s the wrong move because mom was probably nearby,” said Mark Hart with Arizona Game and Fish in Tucson. He wants the public to know, no matter how alone a baby animal, often a fawn or javelina, may seem - mom is probably coming back.

“Does will leave their fawns for extensive periods of time in the field so they can feed,” said Hart. “Mom has to eat, so they’ll hide that fawn.”

Last week, an Amado man walking his dogs found a fawn, which died a couple of days after he took it home.

The one in this video is faring better, heading to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm after being picked up by a would-be good Samaritan. But, still, the fawn will never see its mother in Patagonia again.

“Had the person who picked up the fawn just let it be, it would lead a deer’s life in nature. but now it’s looking at a life in captivity,” Hart said.

So, if you love our Arizona animals, Hart’s message is simple: leave baby wildlife alone.

If you do find a baby you’re concerned about in the wild, call AZGFD at 623-236-7201 or go to their website to find a list of wildlife rehabilitators.

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