TUSD says expectations for first day of school are different this year

New year begins at TUSD

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - When you think of heading back to school in the fall, the first day of school is always fun.

It’s all about learning who your teachers are, where you can put your things, and where to find important places like the cafeteria.

On Monday, Aug. 10, TUSD students still learned the “how-tos”and “where-tos” of school, but this time, it looked a little different.

Students learned “how to” find their lessons online, how to use different apps like Eureka Math, and where to turn in their homework virtually.

TUSD said lessons like this will be important for students to learn so they can be successful.

This year, teachers are also putting a stronger emphasis on building relationships with families.

They’ll be:

  • Checking-in with students
  • Providing support for parents
  • Being more accessible

TUSD said the biggest and saddest challenge teachers are facing this year, is not having the same connection with students.

“We just miss them so much. I think that’s going to be the hardest part; losing that connection and not being able to give them a high five or pat them on the back and say, ‘Way to go, you did great!’” Alma Carmona-Alday, Principal of CE-Rose K-8, said.

Carmona-Alday added that many students, especially the little ones, need more support when it comes to writing and motor skills.

Because lessons will be virtual, teachers are working on being more creative and thinking outside the box to make sure students are really getting the lessons.

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