Car smashes into Drexel Heights home, pushes bed against wall

Car drives into Drexel heights home

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It was an extremely close call at a Drexel Heights home early Monday morning, Aug. 10.

The home owners near Camino de la Tierra and Avenida Obregon said a car smashed into their son’s bedroom, pushing his bed against the wall.

Thankfully everyone is OK, but unfortunately this isn’t the first time its happened.

Car drives into Drexel Heights home, family calls it close
Car drives into Drexel Heights home, family calls it close (Source: KOLD)

Neighbors tell KOLD they hear cars speeding in the area all time of night.

The family said it appears that the car lost control and went through the brick wall and into the house. They said the driver took off, leaving the car behind.

“All the sudden a big bomb went off,” said Wendell Waldron, describing the sound he heard when the car made impact on his home. “I saw a car sitting in his room and the room was trashed.”

The car smashed through a cement wall and the side of the house, but it was enough of a buffer to save the life of his 27-year-old son who’s blind and requires a breathing tube. He’s also unable to walk on his own.

"God only knows what would have happened. I'm glad that the bed just got pushed all the way back to the wall and that was it," said Waldron.

It seems like one of those freak accidents, although this was a case of déjà vu for the family.

“It just hit me again, here we go again. This is happening again.”

Waldron said back in December of 2012, another car drove into the house, this time into his son’s closet.

Evidence of the previous repair is still visible, and now just a few feet over, they’ll have to do the same.

With the help of insurance, the walls will be replaced. But Waldron has a message to the person who almost took something that can’t.

“What were you thinking? You almost killed another human being because of your neglect?’

Hoping justice will be served, and in turn, the streets will be safer.

“I do hope he gets caught and I do hope you spend some time in jail for what you just did, for what you just did. Sooner or later his day will come,” said Waldron.

According to the family, the Tohono O’odham Police Department is handling the investigation.

We’ve reached out to them for more information but have not heard back.

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