Pima County school districts’ plans for on-site learning

Pima County school districts’ plans for on-site learning
(Source: Ryan Sjoberg)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - As school districts across Pima County continue their plans for remote learning, parents who cannot keep their students at home will have to send their kids to [classrooms].

Here is a rundown of what districts across Pima County, excluding TUSD, have planned for on-site learning during the COVID-19 pandemic:

On-campus learning will begin Monday, Aug. 17 and will be similar to a supervised study hall. This is an onsite support service for students of families that have a critical need. Because of limited space, parents will have to fill out an application and waiver for each student- explaining the need for onsite learning. Families who have the resources to support their students at home are asked to refrain from applying.

Families who have to send their students to onsite learning spaces will need to meet 4 criteria before applying. Only students who meet all 4 priority categories can apply. Families need to contact the school their child will be attending to reserve a seat, as space is limited. Onsite support will be available, but teacher instruction will continue online. Only 9 students will be allowed for each adult supervisor on-site.


Onsite learning will begin Monday, Aug. 17 and will be offered at every school across the district. An On-site Support Services Application will need to be filled out and approved by MUSD. A waiver for each student will also need to be signed. Students will be grouped to maintain appropriate social distancing protocols. The learning space will be similar to supervised study hall, with support staff. Unscheduled drop-offs will not be permitted.

Onsite support will begin Monday, Aug. 17. Parents are required to sign two forms on or before the student’s first day of attendance: A COVID-19 Parental Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form and a COVID-19 Waiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form. Onsite learning will only be available during school hours. It will also take on the form of a supervised study hall. Teacher’s will instruct from a remote location. Space is limited. Schools that reach capacity will send students to other schools for onsite learning.

Schools will prioritize high-risk, including disability, language barrier, special education and high school students at risk for not graduating on time. Looking at spaces that may be available, many are being used for instructional- meaning teachers are in their rooms teaching remotely. The Vail School District is still writing its guidelines for remote learning. The first day of onsite instruction has not been verified by the district.

Onsite learning will begin on Monday Aug. 17 and is intended for students in critical need. Students granted access will be assigned a designated area and will remain there for the duration of the time they participate. assigned designated areas may not be at the student’s home school. Supervision will be provided by Flowing Wells staff. Families must call student’s school to request this service. Families who qualify will receive a follow-up confirmation email and/or phone call between Thursday, August 13th and Friday, August 14th with specific information including location and times for Onsite Remote Learning Supervision.

For more information about Tucson Unified School District’s plan for remote learning, click [HERE]. Onsite learning plans have not been verified by the district.

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