Rincon/University marching band in tune with COVID safety

Rincon/University marching band in tune with COVID safety

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - For many, late summer brings to mind rousing music and synchronized movements from high school marching bands.

But with high school sports pushed back for months, how will the show go on?

At Rincon/University High School, COVID-19 isn’t stopping their marching band from coming together as a group and making sweet music.

Thanks to technology, all 200+plus band members can still practice together from home.

They're making it work by screen-sharing a recording of songs for everyone to see and hear, then the students play along.

While everyone is technically playing at the same time, students' audio is on mute.

Band directors said it's been quite a challenge, but they're used to facing challenges. Think about lugging around a heavy instrument in triple-digit heat. 

What they're really focusing on this year is developing the players as individuals.

“Drilling scales, warm-ups, making us better at our instruments and at what we do when it comes to the visual stuff. So when we can come back, whenever we can come back, we’re better at what we do individually, which will then raise the whole group,” Rincon/University band Director Dan Philips said.

Philips said they have high hopes they will return as a group, but they won't be coming back to compete.

In fact, all band competitions have been canceled for the year.

So while this band season may look different, it’s still about passion for music and getting better.

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