Everything you need to know about the Nov. 3 election

Updated: Oct. 23, 2020 at 11:26 AM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Friday, Oct. 23, is the deadline to request a ballot-by-mail for the general election.

The general election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3, but early voting is underway.

Once you get your ballot, take note of the date because Oct. 27 is the recommended last day to get it in the mail. If you miss the mailing deadline, you can drop off your ballot at any of the county recorder’s early voting sites, including curbside drop-off locations. To see site dates and hours of operation, click HERE.

If you still are holding your ballot on Election Day, you can drop it off at ANY polling location before 7 p.m. on Nov. 3.

A large majority of southern Arizona residents have received their ballot in the mail. If you don’t get one or aren’t sure where your voting precinct is, the Pima County Recorder’s Office makes it easy to find the nearest polling place online in time to get your vote counted.

To find your polling place, visit this link.

In order to be able to vote a regular ballot at the polling place, your name must be on the poll roster and you must provide one of the types of identification listed below:

  • Photographic information that includes your photograph, your name and your current address. Your name and address must reasonably match the information in the poll roster.
  • Two different forms of non-photographic identification that must contain your name and your address and this information must reasonably match the information in the poll roster.
  • A combination of photo identification and other identification. If you have a valid form of photographic identification, but the address does not match the poll roster, you may combine that information with one of the valid forms of non-photographic identification. Valid military identification or a United States passport may also be combined with a valid form of non-photographic identification.

To see the full list of what is acceptable CLICK HERE.

Poll workers will be wearing masks or shields. If you forget your mask, one can be provided for you.

Track your ballot: https://www.recorder.pima.gov/VoterStats/BallotInfo

Request ballot by mail: https://www.recorder.pima.gov/BallotByMailRequest

Pima County Recorders Office: https://www.recorder.pima.gov/

Pima County Recorders Office Primary Election information: https://www.recorder.pima.gov/ElectionInformation

Find your precinct: https://www.recorder.pima.gov/VoterStats/PrecinctDistrictSearch

Check your voter registration: https://www.recorder.pima.gov/VoterStats/VoterInfo

Update your voter registration: https://servicearizona.com/VoterRegistration/selectLanguage

USPS Election Mail: https://about.usps.com/what/government-services/election-mail/

Oct. 7: Ballots mailed. In-person voting begins

Oct. 15: Voter registration for Nov. 3 general election

Oct. 23: Last day to request a ballot in the mail

Oct. 27: Recommended last day to mail back your ballot

Oct. 30: Last day to vote early in person

Nov. 3: General Election

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