Cyber security experts warn of online learning threats

Online learning cyber security

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Many students just wrapped up their first week of school and a majority of them did it from home. Cyber security experts warn about the threats families can face and say experts say a combined effort between the school districts and parents is key.

"We're really not doing anything that different," said Amphitheater School District CFO Scott Little. "We still use the same filtering process to monitor student's activity, so where we had devices go home those devices are being filtered."

About one-third of students in the Amphitheater School District are using technology given to them by their school.

"The districts are already doing a really great job," said Corey Munson, a cyber security expert. "The I.T. departments, in many cases, are already tapped for resources, and they really had to scramble to adopt this remote learning environment."

He said parents should learn about the technology and software their child uses to recognize a potential cyber security threat more easily.

"What the remote learning platform is that they're suggesting their kids use. How they're supposed to log into every day. Does the school provide an email address for the kids?"

Steps to protect your device include having an updated virus software and Wi-Fi password.

“Like a lot of families, every kid in a ten-mile radius has the password for the Wi-Fi at your house,” Munson said. 

With an array of online threats, it's important to keep laptops and computers as secure as possible.

"Kids are spending time unsupervised online and unfortunately are going to be preyed upon by people you want to avoid," he said.

In a nationwide survey, PC Matic, a cyber security firm found more than half of parents are concerned about cyber security risks while their children learn online. 

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