Election 2020: Voting Options

Arizona Expands Voting Opportunities
Updated: Aug. 25, 2020 at 11:14 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -

The pandemic has brought up all kinds of concerns about November third’s general election, from security and delivery of mail-in ballots, to crowds at the polls.

This year’s wranglings over the U.S. Postal Service have made some people more concerned about putting their ballots in the mail. Election officials have tried to assuage those fears, given that 78 percent of Arizonans voted by mail in 2018. But if you’re still concerned, you will have more options to physically deliver your ballot yourself.

“If you want to use another option, you can drop it off at any early voting location in your county, any secure ballot drop off in your county, on election day,” said Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs wants voters to know you will be able to vote early, in person, through the Friday before election day. You’ll help keep the crowds down - and have more personal distance while you’re there. Counties will release those locations closer to the election.

You’ll also have broader access to another option: new ballot boxes.

“We were already working to increase ballot drop boxes, especially in rural and tribal communities where mail isn’t as accessible,” Hobbs said.

Using Cares Act money, the state is buying dozens of ballot boxes, and several counties are also investing in more of their own.

If you do stick with mail-in, for health or any other reason, postage is prepaid. Hobbs reiterates that it is secure, and once it hits the post office, every ballot is tracked - and you can track if it was received through your county recorder’s office.

However you choose to do it, you want that ballot to be received the Tuesday before the election. That would be October 27th.

You can request a ballot by mail now, and you have until October 5th to register to vote.

October 7th is the first day of in-person early voting, and October 23rd is the last day to request a ballot by mail. Many more of your questions can be answered on the Secretary of State website.

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