Scientists developing vaccine to prevent gonorrhea

Netherlands and United States partner up to create the first prophylactic vaccine

Scientists developing vaccine to prevent gonorrhea
Scientists are developing the first prophylactic gonorrhea vaccine. (Source: AP Photo/LM Otero/AP)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Vaccinologists in the United States and the Netherlands have partnered up to create a vaccine that will potentially prevent gonorrhea infections.

The American vaccine-development company Therapyx partnered up with Dutch company Intravacc after receiving a $2.8 million grant.

Intravacc is well known in the Netherlands for its unique capabilities in the research and development of viral and bacterial vaccines, and it’s optimization of vaccine technologies.

Gonorrhea is the second-most common bacterial infectious disease in the United States, according to the companies, with a reported 300,000 cases per year. Due to under-reporting and asymptomatic disease course, the true incidence is believed to be more than double.

“There is currently no effective gonorrhea vaccine available and the disease is known to be contracted repeatedly without apparently developing protective immunity as a result of previous infection.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed antibiotic resistant gonorrhea as one of the top three pathogens that pose an immediate threat to public health that must be urgently and aggressively addressed.

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