Pima County begins sending 2020 property tax statements

Pima County begins sending 2020 property tax statements
Pima County mailing 2020 property tax statements. (Source: WALB)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Pima County has begun sending 2020 property tax statements to approximately 450,000 individuals, businesses and other organizations.

Pima County has direct responsibility for 4-out-of-94 taxing jurisdictions reflected on the bills: the county’s Primary Property Tax, which pays for general operations; and the county’s three secondary property taxes, which pay for the County Library District, the Regional Flood Control District and payments on County Debt Service.

The county says property taxes decreased by almost 8 cents for 2020-21, and the County Debt Service tax decreased by 17 cents.

The rates for the Regional Flood Control District and the County Library District have not changed.

In total- according to the county- the result is a total decrease of almost 25 cents per $100 of net assessed value for Pima County taxing jurisdictions.

Poperty taxpayers should expect to receive statements in three phases:

Sep. 10, 2020: Coupon tax statements were mailed to approximately 250,000 property owners who pay their taxes directly.

⋅ Sep. 16, 2020: Information tax statements will be mailed to about 150,000 property owners whose mortgage services pay their property tax.

⋅ The following week, roughly 50,000 personal property taxes will be mailed.

Pima County taxpayers have the option of receiving their property tax statements electronically through the e-notices online service, which you can access [HERE]. The website also contains helpful tools to assist taxpayers understand property tax statements.

The County’s Property Taxpayer Assistance Helpline can also be used for guidance and tax questions. You can reach the hotline by phone at 520-724-8650 or 520-724-8750. You could also request information by email by contacting PimaTax@pima.gov.

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