Silver lining of dry monsoon: less mosquitoes in southern Arizona

But hotter weather could also mean more pests indoors


TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The lack of rain might have brought one good thing—fewer mosquitoes, but these pests will be on the lookout for any standing water.

“Our counts themselves, are very low,” said Gregg Bustamante, environmental health technician for Pima County.

Fewer showers from the skies means fewer puddles are around for mosquitoes.

“Even our number in abandoned pools are lower this year than they were last year,” said Bustamante.

Pima County said compared to last year, they’ve seen more complaints—about 160 this year compared to about 119 for all of 2019. That could be because people are home more.

Counts for mosquitoes caught are about 50,000 lower than all of 2019 (148,093), but there are still three more months in 2020.

Counts for mosquitoes carrying diseases such as A. Aegypti, Culex Q and Culex C are down, and so far there are no cases of West Nile in Pima County.

While there is not much water around, they don’t need a lot.

“Anything even the size of a bottle cap, and they can breed in it,” said Josh Tennenbaum, AZ Pest Control.

AZ Pest Control and the County said the best thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes is to get rid of any water around the house—including buckets, kids toys and drainage areas.

“Make sure your downspouts and things like that are in an area where they’re going to be able to drain properly from your house,” said Isaiah Vague, AZ Pest Control. “If not, you’re just asking for a birth cycle of mosquitoes to come your way.”

Hot weather also means ideal conditions for other pests inside your home. AZ Pest Control said they have seen more calls about sewer roaches.

“When the temperatures get real hot, especially in the sewers, a lot of those sewer roaches are coming up and going into homes with better environments as far as temperature-wise,” said Tennenbaum.

You can file concerns or complaints about mosquitoes to the County at (520) 724-7908. Or, find more information [HERE].

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