University of Arizona students say voluntary two week quarantine isn’t taking off

UArizona President Robbins called it a “last-ditch-effort” to help slow the spread of coronavirus on campus.

UArizona quarantine update

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - On Monday, September 18th, the Pima County Health Department, along with the University of Arizona, asked students on or near campus to shelter in place for 14 days.

But on Friday, it seems that it’s not catching on as hoped.

″I’ve been actually been following the rules, but there’s people that aren’t and it’s making me mad because I don’t want to go home," said freshman Anna Knatt. She isn’t concerned about living in the dorms, saying most students are wearing masks.

But it’s the apartments and high rises that the university and Mayor Regina Romeo calling for compliance. The Mayor sent a letter to apartment building owners in the area Thursday, encouraging them to provide isolation housing and shut down services.

At the Hub, senior Peyton Shaughnessy said the building has done just that.

“They closed the gym, the pool, the packages, everything the office is closed so everything is delivered to us.”

But no matter the precautions taken inside, students can still be seen going about as normal despite the quarantine.

″I feel like it’s realistic for a couple days, but I don’t feel like everyone will do the full 14 but definitely if they do feel sick I think they’ll stay home," said Shaughnessy.

But that’s the problem, if the only students who stay home are the ones that feel sick, what about the asymptomatic carriers? Freshman Harrison Barrett was one of them.

“Most of the kids that were in there with me didn’t feel sick either.”

He tested positive and already spent time in an isolation dorm. Now that he’s recovered he says this new quarantine won’t change much of his routine, with other students following suit

″I understand what they’re trying to do and I respect that of course, but I think it’s sort of inevitable getting the virus," said Barrett.

He said it’s not strict enough to actually see a difference. ″I’m not really too sure how they’re going to enforce this."

President Robbins said earlier in the week during the press conference “We are really serious now. This is it. This is your last chance. Heed the warnings.”

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