Reid Park Zoo says goodbye to an old friend

Elderly Andean bear euthanized due to age-related complications

Reid Park Zoo says goodbye to an old friend
Worf leaves behind his companion, a much younger female Andean bear named Oja, age 6. (Source: Karen McCrorey)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Today, Reid Park Zoo bid farewell to Worf, a most-beloved Andean bear who had to be euthanized due to age related complications.

Worf, an elderly bear at 27 years old, had previously survived cancer. However, severe arthritis in his hips and front legs could not be cured- only managed with pain medications.

“Our animal care staff and veterinary team did an amazing job managing Worf’s health,” said Sue Tygielski, Director of Zoo Operations.

“The team worked together to monitor the effects of his pain medication, that it was providing relief without making him sleepy or groggy. However, arthritis is progressive and ultimately impacted Worf’s ability to move through his habitat safely.”

Worf the bear

Worf was a zoo favorite and spent long hours cooling off in his pool with his his female Andean bear companion, Oja.

Worf loved bananas, watermelon, figs, bamboo and umbrella grass. Animal care staff would hide his favorite treats around his habitat so he had daily treasure hunts to look forward too.

We will miss you, Worf.

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