Tucsonans react to first Presidential Debate

Local debate reaction

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Southern Arizonans tuned in Tuesday night to the Presidential Debate, watching President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden face off. Meanwhile some people said they couldn’t even watch.

″I couldn’t watch it anymore it was too upsetting," said John McDonald, watching from the patio at Sky Bar on 4th Ave.

His wife, Elizabeth agreed. “It was disorganized and rude and it sets the tone-- and I don’t think the way we are right now in America it’s not helpful at all.”

But for Evyn Petrisin Tuesday was all about taking in what each candidate had to say

“I’m watching this strictly for an education basis”

Petrisin said now more than ever it’s good to be informed on where they stand on the hot topics like COVID, social unrest, and the economy.

“People just don’t know or they get discouraged by one side of the other and you have to focus on who will bring the most to the table.”

And while many have their presidential preference locked in, some expected more from their pick.

“We went from our last Democratic president being Barack Obama who was just charismatic, he had a wit. And you just don’t see that with Joe Biden and someone who’s trying to appeal to the young vote or the Hispanic vote, people who are young who could sway this election he’s making no steps towards actually trying to secure that," said Ryan Graminski.

Its a reminder to take a closer look at each candidate. For Cynthia Johnson it’s to look not only at their proposed policies but their character.

″I think you really have to look at who they are and that’s very clear watching it in there, you know who they are," said Johnson.

And no matter what party you favor, there’s a reminder to participate come November.

“Do what’s best for this country and just vote," said Petrisin.

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