Tucson author and illustrator team up to create children’s book on wearing masks

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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A Southern Arizona author and illustrator are helping kids understand why they have to wear masks.

The new children’s book written by Cheryl Cage is titled: “Norman the (Interested in Keeping Friends Healthy) Cat”. It tackles the importance of wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart. It is the second book in her series, 'Norman the Interested in Everything Cat."

Her second book was inspired not only by the pandemic but also her dog, Jake.

“I was thinking one day if he had to wear a mask, he would howl," said Cage.

The book, illustrated by Dennis Caldwell, depicts Jake and Norman the cat videochatting to set up a play date. Norman tells Jake he has to wear a mask but Jake doesn’t like the idea. So Norman explains to him why it’s important and how it will keep them healthy.

“Not only is there a market for kids to understand why masks are important but honestly I think I’m going to sell a lot of books to adults who have adult friends who don’t really understand the importance," said Cage.

The colorful pages are easy to digest for all ages and Cage hopes it will be a conversation starter. She hopes it will also be easier coming from Norman.

Her book is also finding its way into an older audience.

“I had a couple people ask me to send the book to their friends anonymously," said Cage. “So I sign it ‘Love, Norman’ and send it off.”

It’s a lighthearted way to explain and help kids adjust to the new way of life.

“That’s what children’s books are really supposed to teach those life lessons," said Cage.

Cheryl’s book is dedicated to all the health care workers around the world on the front lines during COVID 19.

You can purchase it here: https://cagespages.com/

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