Asylum seekers calling on President Trump to remove ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Supreme Court announces it will begin hearing asylum cases involving controversial policy.

Asylum Seekers

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Thousands of migrant families have been separated since the Trump Administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy went into effect.

Asylum seekers said they fled from Venezuela escaping extortion and violence and their only hope is to make it out alive from Mexico.

“It’s been terrible for us because they were going to kill my husband in Venezuela,” said asylum seeker, Josefa Ramirez.

With tears in her eyes and frustration in her heart, Ramirez shared she’s been waiting in Nogales, Sonora since January for her asylum case to be heard.

“High leaders started attacking me and my family when they found out we were trying to leave Venezuela. As a woman I’m being extorted in Mexico where there’s also a lot of violence. Please Mr. Trump let us in,” Ramirez said.

Her son, who wished to remain anonymous fearing retaliation, said as a child it’s a traumatic situation.

“Bad things happen here. I don’t know if I’ll be separated from my mom and I just want to see my dad and my brother again.”

This morning, faith leaders and immigration activists on both sides stood in solidarity with asylum seekers by listening to their stories and praying- offering their full support.

“I ache for these families. I’m a mom of two boys and to imagine a mother being separated from their kids- I can’t imagine the pain they endure. This is unacceptable,” said a supporter.

According to a court document filed Tuesday by the U.S Justice Department and The American Liberties Union, attorneys are still looking for the parents of 545 migrant children separated during The Trump Administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

“We want people to understand that these are children. Their lives are in danger. They were in danger at their home, that’s why they fled,” said Rev. Michael Lonergan.

The Supreme Court recently announced they will begin hearing asylum cases. A specific date has not been given but Ramirez tells KOLD News her hearing has been rescheduled for February 2021.

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