Green Living provides tips on how to be a sustainable pet owner

Green Living provides tips on how to be a sustainable pet owner
(Source: Lubbock Animal Services)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -Green Living Magazine says it’s important to ensure that our pets are living an eco-friendly life, just like we are.

Here are some things you can do to ensure your furry pals are helping us protect the planet.

Waste-free Waste

Every dog owner knows the familiar routine of taking their pups on a walk so they can relieve themselves. And, everyone knows the responsibility of using a doggie bag to dispose of your dog’s poop. But, have you ever thought of how much plastic is wasted because of this daily happening? It’s more than you think. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly alternatives available. Many green companies have created biodegradable doggie bags that do not harm the environment like regular bags do. These doggie bags help reduce the amount of harmful plastic that is sent to landfills. Some of the bags are even made from recycled materials.

Eco-pet-friendly Fun

Whether it be a cat playing with a toy mouse or a dog fetching a ball, we could watch our pets play all day. So, why not ensure that the toys they are playing with are eco-friendly? There are a lot of amazing companies designing thoughtful toys that help protect the environment by being made either with eco-friendly or recycled materials. Plus, some of these companies use the money you spend on them to support environmental organizations. So next time you go to the pet store, look for eco-friendly options. Every squeak from your pet’s toy will remind you that it is helping protect the planet.

A Green Diet

Do you think about the food your pet is eating? We know that you probably want to feed them healthy food, but do you consider where the food comes from? Sadly, a lot of big brand pet food companies do not care for the environment as much as we do, and their products may actually be damaging for our planet and its inhabitants. They do not look to employ sustainable and ethical food sourcing tactics, nor green packaging options. However, there are smaller companies that do care. Those companies ensure the ethical treatment and welfare of the animals being sourced, they employ sustainable practices, and they package their food with sustainable materials. Plus, the food that these companies produce is usually better for the health of your pets. So start purchasing from those companies today and start reducing your little friend’s carbon pawprint. They’ll eat better, and you’ll sleep better—that is a win-win.

Sustainable Sleeping

One thing our pets can never get enough of is sleeping! Ensure your pet is hard at work protecting the environment even in their sleep by buying them an eco-friendly bed. Eco-friendly beds, which tend to be made from recyclable materials, are now widely available. Cycle Dog is one eco-friendly company that has created comfortable beds made from recycled materials. The company also offers both water-resistant and chew-resistant options.

Step it Up

One last thing you can do as a pet owner to protect the environment is to use your car less, and walk more. Instead of driving to the farmers' market or to your favorite takeout destination, walk there with your pet. They will love going on more walks with their favorite person, and you will save the carbon emissions from your car, which will contribute to cleaner air for our planet. Both of you will have a lot more fun while reducing your carbon footprint. So put on your favorite walking shoes and bring out the leash. You can surely expect a loud bark or meow of pure joy!

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