‘Shame on them!’ Vandal strikes Tucson mausoleum

All Faiths Cemeteries desecrated.

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Grieving families were reduced to tears Sunday night, Oct. 25, after a vandal wreaked havoc on an east-side cemetery.

“Sometimes I’ll [come here to] cry, sometimes I’ll laugh, just … spending time with my mom,” said Tracy Odom.

Inside the Queen of All Saints Mausoleum at All Faiths Cemeteries, Odom finds solitude looking up at the engraved name of someone he’s looked up to his whole life.

“[My mom] was 81 when she passed,” he said. “She passed away on January 20th.”

Just like every other weekend, Odom stopped by for a visit.

“I got here this morning and when I first got here, I stopped over here and this stone right here was laid down on the ground, it was flipped over,” Odom said.

A heavy granite bench at the entrance was knocked over and inside was even more destruction.

“I saw all the flowers on the ground like they were pulled off the walls and it just broke my heart,” he said.

However, the worst damage was to a stone bench inside that was split in two; costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Odom says he immediately called police.

“It violated my space, it violated my mothers' space, it violated every single person that’s connected with someone whose remains are here,” he said.

“Luckily nothing of our family members' [columbarium] was destroyed, but it is heartbreaking that anyone would do that. Just, shame on them!” said Joan Harper. “That’s a coward act. If you’re angry at someone or the world, just go kick some rocks and dirt. Why come here and destroy this? Loved ones are here that can’t defend themselves.”

A peaceful place turned upside down by a vandal.

“What this world is missing right now is respect for each other,” Odom said. “[This is] supposed to be their final resting place and today they weren’t resting.”

Tucson police say there is no suspect in custody. Officers haven’t said if any nearby surveillance cameras captured video of the suspect. If you have any information, you’re urged to contact police at (520) 791-4444.

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