Eviction moratorium set to expire this weekend

Eviction Moratorium

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - There are only a few days left before landlords can start evicting tenants again. Arizona’s eviction moratorium is set to expire Saturday, Oct. 31, but Precinct 9 Constable Joe Ferguson said they can save renters from being evicted.

“We’re required by law to explain what the CDC order is and then we keep copies in our car so they can fill it out right there and then. If they do so, we then delay the eviction,” said Ferguson.

To qualify renters must prove they’ve been financially impacted by the pandemic and earn less than $99,000 a year.

“About 90% of people being evicted don’t participate, don’t go to court. They’re just evicted because they don’t even talk to a judge about it,” Ferguson added.

Ferguson said he delivers about 15 eviction notices weekly, but that’s only for Precinct 9.

“A lot of people in Pima County are hurting,” he said.

On the other side of the coin are landlords struggling to pay their expenses. It’s about an $87 million price tag in Arizona for every 1% of renters who don’t pay during the moratorium.

“There’s a major concern that we are going to see a pretty massive foreclosure,” said Courtney Gilstrap LeVinus, CEO of the Arizona Multihousing Association.

She’s worried about property owners' situation in 2021. While no money is coming in, expenses are still due.

“They have to pay property tax, they have to pay their insurance, their mortgage,” LeVinus said.

Governor Doug Ducey is expanding rental assistance with an additional $7 million.

“We appreciate all assistance, but of course- it’s not going to be enough,” she added.

$2 million will aid tenants. The rest is to prevent pandemic-related foreclosures for landlords.

Pima County and the City of Tucson also have eviction prevention grants still available for renters struggling to pay rent.

You may visit the page below to apply for aid.

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