ARIZONA DECIDES 2020: Seven candidates compete for three seats in TUSD Governing Board

Seven candidates run for the board, hoping to assume an important roll within TUSD.

ARIZONA DECIDES 2020: TUSD Governing Board Nov. 3, 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The race to fill three TUSD Governing Board seats is ongoing tonight.

The candidates—Adam Ragan, Cindy Winston, Joe Nicolas Pierson, Natalie Luna Rose, Ravi Grivois-Shah, Sadie Shaw and Cristina Mennella (write in) would fulfill the four year position once elected.

Natalie Luna Rose is currently leading as of 10:44 p.m., with Sadie Shaw and Ravi Grivois-Shah close behind.

Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah says he is running for the TUSD Board “to ensure that every child has access to a safe, vibrant school that gives them the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.” Dr. Ravi wants to focus on finances and the current budget to make sure every student’s needs are met.

Natalie Luna Rose says she will advocate “for better policies, sustainable funding and strong public schools at the AZ State Legislature.” Luna Rose has 20 years of professional experience in community service.

Cristina Mennella is a medical healthcare professional/speech-language pathologist and a mental health and disabilities advocate. Mennella says she commits to a “safer, healthier and smarter future” and wants to reduce administrative costs, keep classrooms funded and attract more jobs to Tucson so that students can stay after graduation.

Joe Nicolas Pierson says, “as a board member, one of my top priorities will be to find solutions acceptable to the Plaintiff’s, the school district the administration and legal team and close this chapter in TUSD history.” With a background in business, Pierson says he will provide balance to the board.

Adam Ragan is a public high-school teacher who believes in paying it forward. “Your family deserves someone who ensures the budget is spent on kids, not top administrators or fluff,” said Ragan.

Sadie Shaw is a TUSD parent, artist and art educator. “My goal as a board member is to address these inequities, so that all students, no matter what zip code they were born into, will have access to an education that can be the foundation of their success,” said Shaw.

Cindy Winston, a write in candidate has been a educator for 28 years. She says she was inspired to pursue her career by her own history teacher. “Public Education is ESSENTIAL for a strong community,” said Winston.

According to the Governing Board website, members will be required to hold regular meetings open to the public unless otherwise posted by the written direction of the Board President, consistent with the statutory requirement for a monthly meeting. The meetings will be held at the Duffy Community Center, 5145 E. 5th Street or at the Morrow Education Center, 1010 E. Tenth Street, Tucson, Arizona, unless otherwise posted. Special meetings will be held on an as-needed basis and additional special meetings may be scheduled based on need and board members' availability.

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