One-of-a-kind technology created in Tucson

Raytheon technology allows for military pilots to hit moving targets in adverse weather

Raytheon seeker tech

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -There is new one-of-a-kind world class technology, developed in Tucson, that will help U.S. military members fighting on the frontlines.

“Right now the US Air Force doesn’t have the ability to hit a moving target in adverse weather," said Cristy Stagg, the StormBreaker Program Director.

Now, they do.

“The Stormbreaker weapon allows F-15E’s to hit moving targets in any kind of weather," said Stagg.

It’s taken Stagg’s team at Raytheon nearly a decade to build The StormBreaker.

“It can hit a target over 40 nautical miles away because of its incredible ability to glide with no propulsion," said Stagg.

There is no battery powering the Stormbreaker. Because of its nearly 6-foot-long wingspan, the breaker simply glides to its target. But as Stagg says, its really the seeker that makes this weapon one of a kind.

“It really is world class technology," said Stagg. “The seeker is on the front of the weapon. Think of it as the eyeballs, it’s what sees the target and it’s called tri-mode because it literally has three sensors, where a lot of the missile and weapons made only have one."

The StormBreaker is now in the fielding process meaning the U.S. Air Force can use them on their planes.

“It means so much not only to the Air Force but, also for Tucson, AZ.,” said Stagg.

Raytheon says so far they have 350 employees working on the project, though they say the success of the StormBreaker means more jobs could be coming.

“[I am] incredibly proud that Tucson makes it and excited that were getting this to our US military to help with our adversaries,” said Stagg.

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