Provisional ballot counts are complete in Pima County

Provisional ballot counts are complete in Pima County
Record number of early ballots returned (Source: KOLD)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - On Thursday, Nov. 12, Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez announced her office has completed and verified all provisional ballots issued on Election Day.

The office received more than 18,600 provisional ballots from the county’s election department after polls closed on Nov. 3.

Out of the 18,685 forms processed, a total of 16,193 were determind valid for counting- a validity rate of about 86.7%.

Rodriguez stated, “In our processing of the provisional ballots, I directed my staff to track the reason why a voter’s ballot was issued and whether the ballot was valid or disqualified.”

Those who voted using a provisional ballot can check to see if their ballot counted towards the election by visiting the recorder’s [website] and clicking on the “provisional ballot status” link.

A breakdown of the numbers is right below.


TOTAL: 18,631

Counted Reason Total
YES Count federal only 107
YES Counted 16,085
NO Could not confirm identity 18
NO Provisional not signed 35
NO Registered after cutoff date 260
NO Registration cancelled 410
NO Voted early ballot 122
NO Voted multiple ballots 17
NO Voted in incorrect voting area 653
NO Voter not registered 924



Counted? Reason Total
YES Counted 1
NO No identification provided 32
NO Voted in incorrect voting area 3
NO Voter not registered 18

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