USC Trojans win against the Arizona Wildcats

University of Arizona faces off against University of Southern California

USC Trojans win against the Arizona Wildcats
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The University of Arizona had a very exciting game against its rival today, The University of Southern California.


That is game! The final result is victory for the University of Southern California Trojans against the University of Arizona Wildcats.

The final score: 34-30, and a very exciting game indeed.


With the end of the game fast approaching, the Trojans are leading the game after being briefly surpassed by the Wildcats.

This after a 7-point recovery by the University of Arizona that put the Wildcats in the lead for only seconds.

The Trojans had briefly surpassed the U of A after a 7-point score that turned the game in favor of Southern California 27-23.

A very energetic 4th quarter.

The current score is 34-30, with the Southern California leading the game.


At halftime, USC was leading the game against the U of A, 17-13.

During the 1st quarter, the Trojans led 10-7, and then again in the 2nd quarter with 7-6.

But the game is equally matched now, with the Trojans scoring 3 points in the 3rd quarter and the Arizona Wildcats scoring 7 points.

It’s still anyone’s game with one quarter left to play.

Stay tuned for updates. Game on!

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