Businesses near Arizona Stadium busy on UA game day

Game day business

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The University of Arizona’s football game brought many fans to the businesses near Arizona Stadium.

“Our son is a freshmen quarterback on the team so we’re here for our first game," said Sean Callahan as he and his wife walked along University Boulevard Saturday.

Many fans flocked to the area’s bars and restaurants to watch the game.

“We’ve got two great teams during a bad season. Everyone is just coming out for a great game day," said Sean Callahan, the father of a University of Arizona student.

Not a typical season by any means, but Wildcat fans finally got to watch their team play.

“I feel like everyone is trying their best to make it as normal of a game day as possible," said Madison Trotter, a University of Arizona student. "I’m a freshman so I’ve never gotten to experience a real game day.”

Trotter was able to see what a game day was like even though she didn’t experience it from inside the stadium.

“We’re having a good time today, we’re enjoying it like I said, everybody is behaving and it’s a beautiful day for football," said Jonathan Graham, the Frog & Firkin General Manager.

Being so close to campus, Frog & Firkin stays fairly busy with college kids visiting on Saturdays but a football Saturday definitely gives business a boost.

“You never want to lose the revenue from a Saturday football game but at this point we’re going to take what we can get while we can get it," Graham said. "Hopefully there will be no more postponements or suspended games. It’s nice to have the business right now.”

While other bars like Boxyard on 4th Avenue started getting busier after halftime.

“People have been coming in at different times every day or every single Saturday so there’s no consistency to it," said Raxon Cha, the assistant manager at The Boxyard. "You know, maybe today is going to be busy, or it’s not. We will take it either way.”

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