University of Arizona students prepare to go home for Thanksgiving

4,335 students living off-campus took covid-19 tests last week

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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -The University of Arizona says they’re most recent COVID-19 testing blitz ahead of Thanksgiving is a success.

“There’s no reason to not be as safe as I can about it,” said Jackson Peters, a senior at the university.

For Peters, who lives off campus, testing is not mandatory.

“Like most public universities nationwide we cannot legally mandate testing for other students as a pre recresite for enrollment,” said Dr. Robert Robbins, the University’s President.

The university says they also cannot legally require those completing their class 100-percent online to be tested either. Though Robbins says last week over 4,000 of their off campus students were tested.

“We’re getting our off-campus student motivated and agreeing to come in and test,” said Dr. Robbins.

Peters thinks this number has increased because students returning home for the thanksgiving holiday want to protect their families.

“I’m not super scared of getting it but, again I don’t want to get it," said Peters. "I have people I really don’t want to give it to and I think that’s the case especially with thanksgiving.”

Peters says most students he knows have either already been tested or have a plan to do so before heading home.

“I can not emphasize how easy it is to get a test,” said Peters.

Dr. Robbins says the universities testing capacity has risen 34-percent but says that’s not the only number trending in the right direction.

“The rate of transmission has declined. dropping to 1.33 and that’s down from about two last week," said Dr. Robbins. "I will say the more testing we do, the better.”

The university also announced that testing will be mandatory for all student living on campus during the spring semester.

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