Cochise County authorities investigating possible phone scam

Cochise County authorities investigating possible phone scam
Scam Alert (generic). (Source: Jones County Sheriff's Department)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - After receiving a second report of a similar incident, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating a reported telephone scam involving ransom.

CCSO says the scam involves an unidentified male suspect calling another male [victim], telling him his wife has been in a car crash. The caller then tells him he must stay on the phone until he receives money, if he wants to see her again.

A female then cries into the phone for help.

The sheriff’s office says the amount of money requested by the suspect varies between $200-8000, depending on the victim’s response and the amount of money they say is available.

According to reports, the victims become frantic until they’re able to make contact with their spouses who are unharmed, and don’t know anything about being in a car accident or being held at ransom.

Thankfully no money has been exchanged, but CCSO says the suspect directs the call from an international line.

Anyone who receives this, or a similar call, should to call authorities immediately.

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