Marana Unified School District parents describe their child’s COVID exposure experience

District launches real-time COVID dashboard

Marana Unifed School District parents describe child's COVID exposure experience

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - At least 76 students and employees have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Marana Unified School District. Parents receive a phone call to notify them if their child is exposed.

“He knew something was wrong,” said parent Justine Brent. “Monday, he started coming down with symptoms and he just said I’m achy all over. I’ve got a really bad headache.”

Weeks ago, Brent said her son’s school contacted her about a possible exposure at school but he tested negative. She believes he was exposed again at basketball last week and found out Thursday he is positive.

For now, her family is taking it one day at a time and being extra careful because she has pre-existing conditions.

“We don’t wanna live in fear,” she said. “We have no problem wearing masks especially because with me being high risk, I totally respect other people who are elderly.”

Another Marana parent, Erica Lefcourt, said she also received a phone call that her son was exposed.

“He had to do the 14-day quarantine and basically told even if you go have him tested, a negative test will not allow him back to school,” Lefcourt said.

Looking back on her experience she feels the school district is dealing with COVID the best it can.

“I think our district has been doing a really good job and I appreciate their communication with all of us with the families with what’s going on,” she said. “It helps us make more informed decisions for ourselves.”

The Marana Unified School District just launched a COVID Dashboard with a real-time tracking system that updates every five minutes with known cases at each school.

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