A nurse’s plea to the public ahead of Thanksgiving

One healthcare worker on treating COVID-19 patients says the pandemic is taking a toll on those on the frontlines.

KOLD 5 p.m. Nov. 18, 2020 newscast - clipped version

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -The coronavirus is surging and as of today the positivity rate among those tested in Pima County is now at 7.5 percent. One nurse on the front lines is pleading with the public to stay home ahead of Thanksgiving, so they have a fighting chance to properly care for those who need it.

“If you were at home and you knew your loved one was in a hospital bed and their life was coming to an end, how would that feel for you to not be able to be there,” said Brandon Harvison, an ICU Nurse at Banner.

Harvison wants everyone to think twice before celebrating the holidays.

“Its really hard to hold the hand of someone that doesn’t get to see their family,” said Harvison. “That’s a really hard thing and to have to tell those family members that you told them that they were thinking about you and they would be there if they could and that they love them.”

Harvison has been on the front lines of the pandemic since it started and its taking a toll.

“I’m starting to get to a point where I’m sensing an obligation to go to work as much as possible,” said Harvison. “There’s going to come a point where its going to be too harmful for my physical health my mental health I’ll have to stay home.”

Harvison says he’s having to make more and more sacrifices in his personal life while others continue to enjoy theirs.

“I typically try to plan to go to phoenix I try to go visit family, but this year that’s just not a option we need to stay home,” said Harvison.

He says he’s also missing out on valuable time he’ll never get back with his baby nephew.

“I feel like we’ve kind if been robbed of his infancy,” said Harvison.

So, he is asking you to please think twice about your holiday plans.

“Stay home if you can,” said Harvison. “If you’re planning on traveling, I would really hope that you would try to rethink.”

If we don’t, the consequences could be deadly.

“What I worry most about is there being so many patients that were not able to care for our patients the exact way I did a year ago and a year ago I always felt like my patients were being taken care of exactly how they should be,” said Harvison.

Banner says their hospital has been busy the last two weeks but they say they still have room for both COVID and non-COVID patients. Though they are urging the public to do their part in slowing the spread by wearing a mask, staying home when you’re sick and practicing social distancing.

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