German restaurant owner fills empty tables with stuffed pandas

Panda-mic pandas in Germany

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - As many businesses around the world begin to close doors once more due to COVID-19, business owners are having to find creative ways to keep their spirits up.

One businessman in Germany decided to fill the empty seats at his restaurant with pandas- stuffed pandas, that is.

Restaurant owner Guiseppe Fichera staged a protest against the coronavirus lockdown in Germany by filling his tables with a hundred stuffed toy pandas, in a play on the word pandemic, ‘panda-mic’.

The pandas are seated at the restaurant’s tables and propped up at the bar, some with bottles of “Corona” beer.

“We wanted to put some life back into our restaurant,” said Guiseppe Fichera, manager of the Pino Restaurant.

“It is a silent protest. An offer to our guests,” Fichera said, adding he would keep the lights on all day and night as long as the lockdown lasts so people passing by can enjoy the display.

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, German officials are expected to agree to extend light-lockdowns until Dec. 20- meaning bars, restaurants and entertainment venues must stay closed, while shops and schools can remain open.

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