Student with learning disability starts holiday card business

Holiday cards

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A local student is turning his learning disabilities into smiles this holiday season. Pablo Durazo is a freshman at Nosotros Academy and aims to brighten lives with paper and scissors.

He said the frustration of having a learning disability led him to the wrong path.

“I was always not in school, ditching, not listening to my parents, stealing, doing bad things,” Durazo said.

However, the spirit of this holiday season changed his life around.

“These were all made by me. I drew them,” he added.

Aiming to give back to his school and grandparents financially, Durazo started a holiday greeting card business that embraces all cultures.

“You got Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas and they all have light and joy,” Durazo said.

With the help of his teachers, Durazo hopes to bring light into households one card at a time.

“It’s a nice thing to do in this world that’s become so electronic. It’s so nice to send them out to somebody and they get something in their mail that’s not a bill or another credit card offer,” said his art teacher, Anne Lowe.

Counselor Saul Ostroff discovered Durazo’s passion for art and encouraged him to start the business. He knew this would help him get back on track academically, leaving his disability fears behind.

“So we used the art as a vehicle to work with him on English, Social Studies, Math,” said Ostroff.

And nearly 100 holiday cards later, Durazo said he feels the difference.

“Now that I’m here everything is working out really good. I’m happy. I got good grades,” said Durazo

Durazo said 10 percent of his profits will be for beautification projects at his school and he will use the rest to buy his grandparents a Christmas gift.

If you would like to support Durazo’s holiday card business, you may contact Nosotros Academy at 520-624-1023 or email his counselor at

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