Violation of Tucson’s mandatory curfew could result in a $300 fine

Curfew Enforcement

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A mandatory curfew is underway for the City of Tucson and those violating the new ordinance could pay up to $300 for non-compliance.

“Our curfew is uniformed with the county’s, and if they change their time we’re going to match,” said Vice Mayor Paul Cunningham.

Following last night’s emergency council meeting, people will be prohibited from being out on public streets and in public spaces in Tucson from 10 at night to 5 in the morning, starting this Friday.

“The reason why I said 10 is the elimination of the shift of people. If we roll back to 8pm people have to cut their hours. There are more and more part time employees who just got back into the workforce,” Cunningham added.

Under this new ordinance, those traveling to work and for medical reasons would be exempt. Essential activities would also be allowed during curfew hours.

“You can still travel to the grocery store, pharmacies, gas stations, automotive repairs, restaurants for consumption off premises so even during the curfew hours folks can do take out, get delivery, curbside, drive thru food,” said City Attorney Mike Rankin.

Officials said those caught on the streets during curfew hours without an essential necessity could face a fine.

“It would be a civil infraction and is subject to a civil sanction not to exceed $300,” Rankin said.

Tucson’s Police Chief Chris Magnus said before giving citations, the department will give people a chance to comply with the changes. He said it will be like the statewide curfew put in place in May.

“We utilized a loud speaker system to make people aware that the curfew was happening. We gave people a grace period, we were in contact with people individually and gave people information and asked for their voluntary compliance,” said Magnus.

The city is expected to finalize any changes to this ordinance Thursday morning. The curfew will be in effect through the morning of December 23rd.

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