’We try to fill in that void’: Local nurse shares what it’s like inside a COVID-19 unit

Nurse at St. Marys Hospital shares what it's like working in the ICU during COVID
Nurse at St. Marys Hospital shares what it's like working in the ICU during COVID(KOLD)
Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 10:34 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Through the eyes of a local clinical nurse, Yvette Lucero, at St. Mary’s Hospital, who works day and night caring for COVID-19 patients shares what it’s like behind intense unit doors.

Lucero hopes by sharing her experience, her community will buckle down and follow protocols for the next few critical weeks.

“It’s hard seeing the staff go through it, as well as the patients, as well as the family and friends involved,” said Lucero.

Lucero said the toughest part of all is seeing loved ones not being able to properly say goodbye in their final moments. “We try to fill in that void,” said Lucero. Filling that void by being the bridge between the darkest times.

“Providing them that phone call, that zoom call, that video chat, just so they can have that communication,” said Lucero.

Lucero works 15-hour shifts and is working extra days, not knowing at all what to expect the next time she clocks into work the next day. However, Lucero only tries to stay positive. “It’s very sad to see patients here by themselves going through it with no family or friends, it’s, it’s been very hard,” she said.

And she said she’s only thankful for the support she receives from her family, her co-workers, and for the patients that make it out. Her plea to the community she serves is to not take this virus lightly.

“We really need people to understand that this virus, that you may be the healthiest person and get it the hardest,” said Lucero.

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