Why some Americans will opt out of getting the vaccine, doctor says

Vaccine Hesitation
Updated: Dec. 11, 2020 at 7:08 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -While thousands are preparing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine‚ others say they won’t roll up their sleeves for it.

We’re expecting the first round of vaccines next week, and it could be the start of the end of this pandemic. But as a doctor explained, it comes with a lot of unknowns.

“We’ve never had emergency use-authorization vaccine process through the FDA, so this is a new process. I think a lot of people are hesitant about that,” said Dr. Sam Sun Director of Indemic Foundation.

He said the vaccine’s quick development could be one of the reasons some Americans will refuse it.

“The overall process has been shorter because industry of the U.S government has put so much resources and manpower, money into the vaccine process so that speeds everything but it doesn’t decrease the scientific rigor of the trials,” said Sun.

Many fear getting sick from taking the vaccine, but Sun assured that won’t be the case.

“Moderna and Pfizer vaccine don’t contain the virus. They just encode part of the protein that infects humans but the protein itself cannot cause COVID-19. The flu shot is only 50% effective so you can still get the flu, whereas the COVID vaccines are 95% effective,” Sun said.

Sun added mistrust in the medical system and cultural concerns are other reasons.

“African American, Hispanics, Native Americans have felt left out of the health care system decrease rates of insurance, access the physicians compared to Caucasian group,” said Sun.

Researchers predict some Millennials and Gen Z will also refuse vaccination.

“If they themselves are not at risk of developing severe COVID disease or personally know some who has gone to the ICU, they’ll be less likely to get the vaccine so we’re looking at healthy people in their 20′s,” he added.

Health experts said at least 70% of us need the vaccine to achieve herd immunity and not getting there could prolong this pandemic.

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