Fact Finders: Who will get the COVID-19 vaccine and when?

Fact Finders: Who will get the COVID-19 vaccine and when?

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Spencer Graves, the Pima County Public Health Department Logistics Manager, says the Moderna vaccines will be given to healthcare workers who are in direct contact with COVID positive patients.

As the county receives additional shipments, the remaining healthcare population will be vaccinated.

Graves says there are 67,000 healthcare workers in Pima County and since both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses, we need 134,000 vaccines before we can move to Tier 1B.

“Which is critical infrastructure, essential workers and currently the CDC is recommending those adults who are 75 plus,” said Graves.

Pima County hopes to roll into Tier 1B by late February or March.

Graves says county leaders are working on a plan to determine when and how people will be notified.

″Given we have about another month and a half to create the plan, we are going to try to call all of the doctors offices, all of the occupational groups and things like that so have a systematic flow through it so everybody can be notified when it is ready,” said Graves.

Production of the vaccine is expected to ramp up monthly, so Graves says the county hopes they will be able to start vaccinating the public by the summer.

Graves says the best way to ensure you have the latest information, is to check the Pima County Health Department website, which they work to update daily.

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