Organizers say Arizona Bowl looked very different in 2020

Organizers say it took a “village” to make the game happen

Arizona Bowl 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -The Arizona Bowl was different this year. There were no fans in the stands and none of the pre-bowl game festivities.

″I hope that we never have to face the challenges that we’ve had to face this year, just as a community and a world. But even more specifically in college football,” said Kym Adair, the Executive Director of the Arizona Bowl.

This year the Offerpad Arizona Bowl was just that- a bowl game and nothing else.

“Typically an Offerpad Arizona bowl has a pep-rally,” said Adair. “It had a lot of extra events last year. We had our bowl bash downtown to ring in the new year; we got to take our players out to old Tucson, and show them a classic Tucson event.”

None of that happened this year.

Instead Adair says their main challenge was simply getting the teams to Tucosn, healthy. But, she says they really wanted to make sure this game happened because of just how important it is to the community.

“Were a non-profit. Also 100% of our net proceeds go to charity,” said Adair.

She says over the last five years, the Arizona Bowl has brought over $125 million to the community.

“Were one of the biggest events that southern Arizona has,” said Adair. “That’s great for our small businesses and big businesses alike.”

This year there weren’t many visitors if any at all but she hopes that the game still helps out small businesses.

“This is actually a big win for southern Arizona and that’s what were most excited about; that’s what kept us moving through this whole project,” said Adair.

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