Fronimo’s Greek Cafe in Tucson closing soon

Cafe says it can’t renew lease due to rent increase

Fronimo’s Greek Cafe in Tucson closing soon
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Fronimo’s Greek Cafe on Speedway Boulevard announced Friday on its webpage that it will be closing its door soon, and will remain open to customers until Jan. 14.

The cafe says it was not able to renew its lease with the landlord due to a rent increase.

“As challenging as the pandemic has been for all of us, we have thankfully been able to keep all our employess and stay in business with our take-out model only up to this point,” reads the announcement. “We just cannot stay and pay the increased rents our landord is asking.”

Fronimo’s says its currently searching for an adequate location to move into, but the pandemic’s impact on businesses has limited its ability to find a new space that would require new build-out.

For now, it will move equipment into storage.

“If and when we find the right place, we will definetely bring our employees back, and we hope you will return as well.”

Fronimo’s Greek Cafe says it will inform customers on any changes through its webpage and on Facebook.

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