Arizona medical school applications surge with “Fauci Effect”

"Fauci Effect" boosts medical school applications

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A record number of students are applying to medical school with applications up 18% nationwide, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. The University of Arizona has seen a surge in medical school applications as more people are considering jobs in healthcare.

“Dr. Fauci he has been the face of this pandemic from a science aspect and a leadership aspect. With him having an MD, I think it made a lot of people get interested in medicine,” said Dr. Glen Fogerty, Associate Dean of Admissions and Recruitment at University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix.

The University of Arizona has received nearly 1000 more applications compared to last year. The school is currently reviewing 6,900 applicants for 120 openings.

Dr. Fogerty said he’s never seen applications increase this significantly. He said the pandemic is pushing students, with a passion for helping others, toward medical careers.

“They really get down to this internal look and decide, ‘This is who I am.’ Even though it’s a tough industry, tough field and you are putting your life in danger sometimes. They still want to be there,” he said.

He expects the increase to continue next year as more undergrads decide to pursue medicine. The surge is beneficial to fighting the country’s physician shortage.

“Even within our state we are looking at by 2030 about 2,000 physician shortage in just primary care. So for us to get more people interested in medicine and coming to medical school, it’s a huge positive for us,” he said.

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