Tucson zip code remains a top COVID hot spot in Arizona

Zip code COVID-19 southside

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Arizona continues to have one of the highest COVID infection rates in the country, and a Tucson zip code has one of the highest case counts in the state.

Researchers on the University of Arizona’s COVID modeling team said the 85706 zip code has remained a hot spot since Nov. 1, 2020.

“If you standardize it to the population, right now we’re seeing about 124 cases per 10,000 people every week,” said Bonnie LaFleur, a professor of Biostatistics at University of Arizona and member of the COVID Modeling Team.

The state of Arizona had 121 cases per 100,000 people on Thursday, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. The 85706 zip code has many essential workers and families who live in multigenerational households, which may factor into the high case numbers.

“A lot of homes, including the one I grew up in, had one bathroom. If we don’t start helping people to start mitigating this stuff and the things we can’t control, we’re going to continue seeing a spread,” said Adelita Grijalva, the Pima County Supervisor for District 5.

85706 is in Grijalva’s district. She said more resources are needed.

“Putting up things on buses, if you need a mask let us know,” she said. “I mean having even pop-up places for people who need a mask. It’s really bad.”

Grijalva said more bilingual outreach would help spread the word about mitigation measures and testing options. She also said it’s extremely important to make the vaccine easily accessible when it becomes available to the general population.

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