Fact Finders: Do I have to live/work in a county to receive a vaccine there?

Updated: Jan. 12, 2021 at 6:35 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Some counties in Arizona are advancing to the next vaccination phase faster than others.

If your county is lagging, can you jump county lines to get the shot faster?

We have previously spoken with the Arizona Department of Health Services about people from out-of-state or even out-of-country coming to Arizona to get the shot. We were told, “Place of permanent residence doesn’t factor into whether someone can get vaccinated in Arizona or what a person’s priority will be.”

Based on this information, people not from Arizona should be able to get vaccinated here.

But is it really that simple?

When Pinal County moved on to Phase 1B, Public Health services tweeted, “As long as you live or work in Pinal County and fall under one of these categories of 1B, you are eligible to receive the vaccine.”

So, once again, we pressed the Arizona Department of Health Services for clarification.

Here is the department’s response:

“We recommend reaching out to Pinal County for more specific information on their eligibility criteria. ADHS does not have any residential criteria, and people who are visiting or who live in Arizona part-time are eligible to receive the vaccine.”

So, while the state does not have restrictions on residency and receiving the vaccine, it appears rules could vary from county-to-county.

We checked with the Pima County Health Department, which tells us the person does not have to live or work in the county to receive the vaccine. However, the department prefers people to get vaccinated in their own county since each county is given a limited allotment of the vaccine.

It is recommended before you assume you can get the vaccine in a different county; you check their eligibility criteria.

Click here to see which phase each county is currently vaccinating.

During Phase 1B, adults 75 years and older are recommended for vaccination. To register for an appointment at a location near you, review the Vaccine Finder webpage for pre-screening and registration information.

If you are eligible to receive a vaccine, click here to register.

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