Emergency teams in Spain rescue animals from Storm Filomena’s aftermath

Storm Filomena in Spain

MADRID, Spain (KOLD News 13) - Spanish emergency services led rescue operations on Jan. 13-14 for stranded animals left with no food amid extreme weather conditions and a historic snowfall across the country.

Storm Filomena brought the heaviest snowfall in decades across central Spain, wreaking havoc as temperatures hit record lows.

Footage showed a helicopter delivering bales of hay for stranded cattle in the outskirts of the Madrid region, and civil guard members rescuing a horse in a snowed valley in Vega de Soñin, in the northern region of Asturias.

Emergency services also rescued an elderly man living in a remote area of the Zaragoza region, as authorities struggle to cleanup the snow that paralyzed parts of the country for days.

The huge snowstorm caused at least $1.7 billion in damages as it swept through Madrid over the weekend, shutting businesses, damaging buildings and disrupting services, authorities said Thursday.

Schools across Madrid are currently closed and scheduled to reopen Monday, but the city’s deputy mayor says its highly unlikely.

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