California and Florida have the highest COVID-19 variant cases in the US

A slight increase in projected travel and less testing in Arizona could mean an increase in variant cases

California and Florida have the highest COVID-19 variant cases in the US
Emerging variant cases in the U.S. (Source: CDC)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California and Florida have the highest emerging COVID-19 variant cases in the country, with the Sunshine State having more than twice the amount of UK variant cases than the Golden State.

The data was last updated on Thursday, Feb 11th.

And just behind Florida and California are New York, Colorado and Georgia. Click on [this link] to see the CDC’s ‘data table’ on variant cases.

In Arizona, only 4 cases of the UK strain have been detected in lab tests, but there could be an increase in cases if 2020′s traveling trends for Arizona continue into this year.

According to Arrivalist’s U.S. Daily Travel Index, there will most likely be a slight increase in travel in the coming weeks for Arizonans until mid-March. And with the state’s proximity to California, it could mean an increase in variant cases coming into the Grand Canyon State.

And there is another factor to consider. According the recent laboratory testing data from the Arizona Department of Health Services, trends show the number of people getting tested for the coronavirus is going down.

Take a look at AZDHS’ graph on ‘People tested using all tests by date of collection’. The number of people tested for the virus more than halved from its peak in the beginning of January.

Perhaps this is due to more people focusing on receiving the vaccine, than getting tested.

However, two bits of good news are, although travel is expected to increase during this time, projections show it to be less than last year; also the percentage of serology tests identifying antibodies to the virus is increasing among Arizonans.

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