KOLD Fact Finders: Answering COVID-19 vaccination questions for Cochise County

Published: Feb. 12, 2021 at 6:53 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Some people with COVID-19 vaccination appointments are being turned away at vaccination sites in Cochise County.

Cochise Health & Social Services said it is due to a big misunderstanding.

The Arizona Department of Health Services does not have any residential criteria for getting a COVID-19 vaccination in the state.

This means people who visit or live in Arizona part-time are eligible to receive the vaccination here, but that is not the case in Cochise County.

This is confusing for some people who said they were able to make a vaccination appointment through the state’s website in Cochise County, but when they arrived at the vaccination location, were turned away because they lacked proof of residency.

Alicia Thompson is the health director for Cochise Health & Social Services and said only people who live and work in Cochise County can be vaccinated there.

Thompson said snowbirds who live in Cochise County part-time can be vaccinated, if they bring proof of residency, like a utility bill.

Thompson said it all comes down to a low and inconsistent vaccine supply.

The week of December 21, Thompson said Cochise County received 3,000 COVID-19 vaccination doses from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Thompson said the supply dwindled to 1,100 doses the next week. The week of January 4, the county received a total of 600 doses. The week of January 19, the county received 500 doses.

Cochise County reported good news the week of January 8, when it received 5,400 doses, 2,000 more than expected.

Thompson said on Thursday, February 11, Cochise County administered 1,616 doses of vaccine, which is the most administered in a single day.

Thompson said they started the week at 79% utilization and by the end of Thursday, the county had increased utilization to 91%.

Thompson said Cochise County’s vaccination partner team asked for a total of 6,100 doses for the week of February 15, but ADHS only promised 3,400.

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