Two Arizona men travel to Texas to help with winter storm recovery

Texas aid

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Texas is struggling to recover from the devastating winter storm that left millions without power, running water and destroyed thousands of homes.

Two men from Arizona who headed over to the Lone Star State say their goal is to get as many people back in their homes.

“People’s homes are flooding left and right. There’s so much work the local companies can’t handle it all,” said Jordan Orta.

Orta is an Arizona plumber and owner of Tru Grit restoration company. He knows the Lone Star State needs the supplies he has to get back on its feet, and took it upon himself to make the 14 hour drive to Dallas with his equipment.

“It proved to be true because again. I tried to be the first person at the supply warehouse to get more equipment, to rent equipment. They had none. People are coming from all over the U.S with trailers full of equipment to help, that’s how bad it is,” Orta said.

He said the week-long storm that displaced thousands from their homes and caused severe water damage will take weeks, if not months to repair.

“There’s so much work right now that I don’t see an end in sight yet.”

Jim Harms with the Red Cross also left Tucson Monday morning to lend Texans a helping hand.

“We will be delivering water products, cleaning products, food, tarps, whatever supplies are needed that we have on hand that they need to start cleaning up their homes,” said Harms.

Due to COVID restrictions no additional volunteers were able to join Harms, but President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are expected to visit Houston this Friday to meet with local leaders and discuss relief and recovery efforts.

Gray Television is partnering with Circle, The Grand Ole Opry and Feeding America to raise money to support people who are suffering after the extreme weather conditions that gripped Texas and other areas last week.

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