A CVS in Tucson administers the COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccines at CVS on Valencia and Midvale

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A new vaccine site bringing hope to those struggling to find an appointment. A CVS in Tucson is one of eight branch locations in Arizona that began giving the COVID-19 vaccine today.

Devin Russel has been trying to schedule an appointment for months.

“It’s been pretty difficult getting an appointment through the county or even the state,” he said. “So when they opened up, I just jumped online and I was able to get an appointment for my wife and myself. And here we are.”

He is not alone. We talked with several people who have been trying to schedule an appointment for months with no luck. It wasn’t until CVS opened its online registration, that there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel for some.

Russel says, “It was easy! CVS just asked a couple of questions, and you just push a couple of buttons and it was a piece of cake!”

But it wasn’t just scheduling an appointment that was a piece of cake; we were told getting the vaccine was a quick and easy process as well.

Diana Tollenaar got her vaccine today. She said she “came in this morning. It was on time, no lines, no car lines. It was excellent.”

We spoke with workers at the CVS branch on West Valencia Road, near Midvale Park, and they said they would inoculate over 150 people on their first day.

Now they have appointments booked through Wednesday, but say they plan to have more available very soon.

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